Union Avenue Congregational Blessing Addendum

Union Avenue Congregational Blessing Addendum

September 29, 1999
by Evangelist John Toolin

These words were given on the above date at a special healing service in preparation for the subsequent Congregational Blessing. it was made known to me by people that were present at this healing service that this should be included as and addendum to the Congregational Blessing.

As God’s family it is incumbent and imperative that as we face life’s challenge’s and changing circumstances we choose to be proactive in charting a course for the future of this congregation. We can choose to live or to die. it is in our hands.

Look at your facility here. Look at its prime location, its prime location to human need. You are in the midst of people who need precisely what you are: the presence of Christ. Everything that you need is all around you. In fact, you already have it. The only danger is apathy and a lack of willingness to step out.

learn to live in love for each other. Forgive, forget and look to the future. God is a forgiving and forgetting God and so it should be for you. Divisiveness and discord will fragment the congregation. It is when we are one and pulling together that we will see amazing things – miracles. We will see growth.

When you have love and respect for each other, a healing of the Spirit, people will see this and they will respond. We are a church family, and we are a diverse group of people. We have many different opinions. There is no requirement to agree on everything, but there is a requirement to accept one another as worthy children of God.

A major part of the healing of the congregational spirit is the acceptance of varying ideas and the tolerance for different opinions and honest mistakes. As we move out in faith to rebuild our congregation are we going to make mistakes? Yes!

Toleration, forgetfulness and forgiveness of mistakes are keys to our spiritual well-being and our relationships with each other. If our congregation is to grow and people are to find meaningful ministries here, people have to be allowed to try and fail without being made to feel guilty.

Your God is a God of forgiveness and grace. You are created in His image. Therefore, you have the capacity to be individually and congregationally a people of forgiveness and grace. God expects this of you.

God has sent you new families to be a part of this congregation. He wants you to cultivate and develop deep and meaningful, loving relationships with each other.