Building Use

Stewardship Team Meeting Notes (June-2010)


Kitchen Supplies coordinator-This position is mostly responsibility for organizing funeral lunches, and keeping the supplies in stock.

Building Use coordinator- We will be using an online calendar, and are already in the process of redesigning the union avenue website.  There is a calendar component already installed which uses the Google calendar utility. We plan to have this online calendar be the official building use calendar so that it can be accessed from any internet connection.   

Should we charge for the use of the building for different events- We understand that the use of the church building is a ministry that we can offer! We are willing to offer the use of the building for no charge; however, we will make an effort to get a donation as follows:

-Weddings, -Weddings use a lot of resources and supplies, especially if the reception is held in the building. Many times the building is used by people, who are only loosely connected to the congregation, or they simply know someone who is a member, but they themselves do not ever attend. We feel that if there is a member getting married here, they would generally contribute to the congregation on a regular base and should not be forced to pay a charge, but if we were to charge separately for each scenario, we would need to have someone make a judgment on each case. Generally a non-member is more likely to ask about the cost, so “if we are asked” about a cost to use the building, we will request a donation of $150, but only if we are asked. The wedding party is still responsible for clean up. This donation is only to cover the supplies, increase in utilities, and trash removal. 

-Funerals, These are much more expensive because of the cost of the meal, but again, we feel that this is a ministry that we offer. Sometimes the funeral home will ask us about the cost, so if we are asked, we will ask for an estimate of the number of people and ask for a donation of about $3 per person.

-Social events. – These are generally church members who want to use the building for the additional space. They normally clean up after themselves and we feel that we can ask for a donation of $50 to cover the supplies and utilities.